To make the purchasing process simple and straightforward, we provide a marketplace that enables the purchase and sale of recovered paper with just a few clicks. Marketplace Recovered paper material flow Digitisation We are developing the leading digital platform for the efficient management of processes in the recovered paper material flow. We optimise processes and standardise data and document exchange between trading partners. We are experts from the paper, recycling and IT industries.


Intelligent end-to-end management of material flow processes

Material flow process digitization

Automate operational processes of the material flow between departments: from planning, purchasing/sales, disposition, logistics, quality to invoicing.

Central communication & collaboration

Communicate with trading partners about contracts, orders, quantities and deadlines. Standardize the exchange of data and documents.

Real-time insight & documentation

Get real-time insight into the material flows to your trading partners, so you can react faster to changes and potential risks.


Target groups

The recyfy platform is aimed specifically for participants in the material flow process in the paper and recycling industry. With our software solution, all participants can carry out all processes digitally, efficiently and without detours.

  • Paper mills: use recyfy for internal optimization of purchasing processes and efficient processing of orders with suppliers.
  • Disposal companies: use recyfy to improve internal material flow processes and to optimize sales processes to their customers.
  • Waste generation points:: use recyfy to simplify processes to paper mills, disposal companies and retailers.
  • Traders: use recyfy to optimize processes towards customers and suppliers.

Paper mills

integrate their suppliers more strongly

Disposal companies

reduce efforts & optimize processes to customers

Waste generation points

simplify their order processing


digitize their entire material flow

Business Cases

recyfy Platform

Internal time and cost savings through automation

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Reduce complexity IT tools

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Increasing efficiency through collaboration

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Risk minimization through real-time monitoring

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First Mover

Become a first mover now and shape the digital industry solution for the paper and recycling industry together with recyfy. 

Be the first to benefit:

  • Co-design of strategy and product functions
  • Price advantages in development and use
  • Key account status
The Future

Material flow 2.0

Digital concepts for an efficient material flow

The next generation of the material flow is digitally linked to the trading partners. Experience interactively new approaches of digital working in the recovered paper trade.

recyfy Platform

Main features of the platform

  • Plan, negotiate and evaluate contracts
  • Status enquiry and performance of orders
  • Plan deliveries – automated reconciliation of quantities and deadlines
  • Real-time material flow analytics & KPI
  • Digital provision and exchange of data and documents
  • Overview, processing and evaluation of complaints
  • Public marketplace for procurement or sale of free quantities
  • Integration into existing IT systems
Stoffstrom Prozessanalyse
Material flow process analysis

Harnessing the full potential

Take the next step. Discover potentials of your material flow process together with us. Our experts identify business cases with you over several workshops and evaluate them with you according to relevance and priority.