Platform for Material flow control We are developing the leading digital platform for the efficient management of processes in the recovered paper material flow. We optimise processes and standardise data and document exchange between trading partners. We are experts from the paper, recycling and IT industries.

Intelligent Platform

Intelligent end-to-end management of material flow processes

Material flow process digitization

Automate operational processes of the material flow between departments: from planning, purchasing/sales, disposition, logistics, quality to invoicing.

Central communication & collaboration

Communicate with trading partners about contracts, orders, quantities and deadlines. Standardize the exchange of data and documents.

Real-time insight & documentation

Get real-time insight into the material flows to your trading partners, so you can react faster to changes and potential risks.

Main features platform


  • Plan, negotiate and evaluate contracts
  • Status enquiry and performance of orders
  • Plan deliveries – automated reconciliation of quantities and deadlines
  • Real-time material flow analytics & KPI
  • Digital provision and exchange of data and documents
  • Overview, processing and evaluation of complaints
  • Public marketplace for procurement or sale of free quantities
  • Integration into existing IT systems

Functional overview of the modules

The entire planning, administration and control of contracts in one module


  • Overview of contracts with existing trading partners
  • Display of performance and key figures for contracts
  • Extensive analysis of contracts, trading partners, prices, grades, etc.
  • Editing and extension of contracts
  • Automatic price updates: indexes, monthly price negotiations
  • Integration into the ERP system with synchronization function

The procurement or sale of recovered paper quantities, including negotiation


  • Overview of all purchasing and selling actions and status display
  • Start for procurement or sale of shortages or surpluses
  • Selection for closed trade (suppliers/ customers) and / or placement on the public marketplace
  • Creation of templates and scorecards
  • Digital negotiation and closing
  • Contract creation and dispatch
  • Integration with ERP system and synchronization of data (recyfy connect)

Additional service for the procurement or sale of free quantities

  • Public marketplace with > 200 registered companies for free trade in Europe.
  • Placement of requests or offers (free quantities) and template function from the Purchase and Sale module.
  • Public or anonymized advertisement function
  • Intelligent matching function to completed trade profiles
  • Digital negotiation and closing
  • Transfer of transactions through integration with ERP systems

Overview of orders, planning & scheduling quantities / deadlines, central document repository

  • Upload of quantities (requirements or material flow quantities) and automatic distribution / redistribution to weeks and days
  • Matching of quantities with existing contracts
  • Digital reconciliation of quantities and dates between trading partners and adjustment of quantities
  • Overview of orders by status
  • Optional transfer of matched quantities and dates to a time window system
  • Central data and document exchange for orders, e.g. weight note, delivery note.
  • Integration in ERP system and synchronization of data (recyfy connect)

Digital complaints processing anytime and anywhere


  • Overview and status display of all claims
  • Exchange of relevant photos, documents and quality data
  • Start and digital negotiation of claims
  • Connection to relevant IT systems, e.g. QM database / system possible
  • Evaluation of claims
  • Integration in ERP system and synchronization of data (recyfy connect)

Preparation and checking of settlements for orders

  • Preparing a booking list through disposition
  • Checking credit notes and deliveries
  • Exchange of documents and data
  • Integration in ERP system and synchronization of data (recyfy connect)
Business Cases

recyfy Platform

Internal time and cost savings through automation

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Reduce complexity IT tools

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Increasing efficiency through collaboration

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Risk minimization through real-time monitoring

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dvantages paper mill & supplier

Quick overview, management and control of contracts & orders

Overview of available free quantities and prices in a marketplace

Efficient procurement of shortages or sale of excess quantities   

Simple coordination of quantities and delivery dates

Simplification and digitalization of the complaints process

Time and cost savings through digital collaboration

Improvement of reporting and documentation of the entire process 

Central document storage and standardization of data exchange


Material flow process analysis

Take the next step. Discover potentials of your material flow process together with us. Our experts identify business cases with you over several workshops and evaluate them with you according to relevance and priority.

recyfy connect

Simple IT integration into your IT systems

recyfy connect is the interface between the recyfy platform and the platform user’s ERP system. It enables continuous and secure interaction between processes and data. If the paper mill and supplier connect to their ERP systems at the same time (full integration), data is automatically exchanged between the ERP systems via recyfy connect. The platform can also be used without recyfy connect (light integration).   

Functions recyfy connect

The following are the functions of recyfy connect

  • Secure data exchange of transactions between trading partners
  • Synchronization of master data with the recyfy platform
  • Document exchange and storage of documents at destination
  • Synchronization of documents

Advantages recyfy connect

  • Fast and standardized exchange of documents
  • Time saving through secure data transfer between trading partners’ ERP systems
  • High availability and secure interface
  • Cost savings through minimization of reconciliation